Mimi Erickson - Owner/Photographer

I am creative photographer specializing in interior, lifestyle, commercial and architectural photography. My goal is to provide you with wonderful photographs that portray the character and beauty of your home.

I currently call the Atlanta area my home and live there with my amazing husband Gustaf, and our two senior pups Basil & Lola. Besides spending time with my kids and family, I enjoy traveling, having new food experiences, attending non-traditional art events, and of course, studying all things photography.


Peyton Knadler - Photographer/Videographer

Hey, I'm Peyton. I'm an emerging artist and recent graduate from Kennesaw State University where I studied film and photography. Influenced by the cinema, I place emphasis on compositions that compliment architectural design and capture atmosphere. With a background in marketing and design, I'm well-versed in showcasing the best selling points your property has to offer. 
When I'm not photographing, I love to travel, play music, make pottery, and spend time on the lake with my wife Tara and my son Russell.
My name is Dezi and I have been a professional photographer going on 11 years. I love all aspects of this career, from the wonderful folks I have met, to the beautiful places it has allowed me to go and everything in between from being creative behind the camera, to post processing and all the way through to the delivery of your images.
When I am not behind the camera, I am spending time with my dreamboat hubby of 12 years and our tribe of boys!
Hi, I'm Anastasia! I've been working in the photography industry for many years with a background touching a variety of areas, such as portraits and sports. It wasn't until I started shooting architecture that I realized where my passion for the industry belongs. 
I follow the Scott Hargis method of shooting with lighting to balance out the ambient lighting. I've also continued my education through the years by attending conferences, seminars, and team events whenever possible.
When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.
After 5 years of working as a real estate agent and team manager, Ilya transitioned into real estate photography and videography. He enjoyed the marketing aspect of the real estate transaction most, so doing media work came naturally. While a Realtor he marketed and sold hundreds of homes and gained valuable experience, which helps him understand agents’ expectations. In addition to his extensive real estate experience, Ilya holds a Bachelor’s in Management from Vladimir State University (Vladimir, Russia) and a MBA from EHSAL Management School (Brussels, Belgium). Ilya started in photography as a hobbyist at the age of 11 when his Dad bought him his first 35mm film camera. Over the years Ilya worked in various business industries including logistics and heavy-duty truck sales. 4 years ago he made his passion for photography and video his full-time work. In addition to real estate and architectural photography he also does headshot photography for real estate agents and other professionals.