Welcome to my blog where I'll periodically provide updates on my adventures in Atlanta real estate photography!

Say "Oui" to French Country

Noteworthy craftsmanship is clear throughout this French Country estate designed by award winning architect Norman Davenport Askins. Designs in the home include mixed pattern, ruffles, and subdued hues.  This home features reclaimed wood beams, millwork from Europe, and beautifully custom designed iron handrails and balusters. This home is elegant and inviting to all.  

Does professional photography make that much of an impact?

We all know that professional photography almost always* looks better than pictures taken with a phone.  But did you ever wonder how much of a difference it can make?  Studies show it's between $934 and $116,076.  Now that's something to get excited about, and a great ROI!

To read more about the impact the photos can make, check out this article by Darryl Stringer:




*This is a shout out to you if you're one of the exceptional amazing phone photographers out there.  You are a unicorn!

Old Train Caboose Turned Into Beautiful Home

Sometimes a house does all the talking and this week's home sure has plenty to say! 


Made from nothing other than a train caboose this house is truly one of a kind and the best part? Not a shred of comfort was sacrificed in this unique home. 

Truly a place to remember! 

Beautiful Marietta Home

When it comes to luxury in Atlanta it's hard to top the prestigious Marietta Country Club and it's very easy to see why. Houses in this country club are gorgeous and this one is no exception.


Spacious open plans and soaring ceilings give this gorgeous property an air of elegance that's matched by the trim lawn and beautiful surroundings which make this house a retreat-like paradise for lucky families. 

Every detail about this house –including the home theater, the enormous master bedroom, the home gym and more– has been lovingly crafted to make living in this property an unique experience.


It's time to go outside!

It would be silly to expect every person to like summer. After all, every season has something to offer. 

However, no one can deny that summer is the perfect season to go outdoors and enjoy the weather which is why we're taking this blog entry outside! 

Is there anything that screams 'summer' more than the chance to jump in a pool?

I don't think so, particularly when the pool looks something like this!

Now THAT is a pool worth sharing.

Of course, no summer getaway is complete without a place to set up a BBQ or a bonfire so check out the next setups and tell me you don't feel like sitting down and enjoying a cold drink. 

Whether you love summer or not, there's no denying the charm of chilling in a beautiful patio, don't you think?