By ordering services from Mimi Erickson Photography you agree to the following Service Agreement for Digital Imagery. We Hope these policies are helpful and instructional as we work together to create beautiful photographs for your marketing.


Limited Licensing Release:

In order to provide you with the best service and support at reasonable pricing, we do not sell our photographs. We license their use. So the fee quoted is dependent on (1) payment of the invoice in full, (2) using the photographs only as indicated, and (3) protecting them with proper copyright notification.


This service agreement is a limited license photo release.


Images delivered are licensed to the “licensee” for: 

-The purpose of listing a property only.

-The term of the listing, not to exceed 1 year.

 -A primary photo can be used for a longer duration and for additional “sold” marketing materials.

-Only the “licensee” has permission to use the delivered images on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of the property.


-Builders, stagers, designers, or “third parties” that wish to use images must contact the photographer directly for licensing and fees. In addition to payment a property release must be obtained from the homeowner by that third party.

- For image integrity, and quality control we ask that Images not be altered once delivered.

  Image editing will be done by Mimi Erickson Photography, fees may apply.

- Please contact us for an additional release for any/all printed publications. Fees may apply.

- Photo credit must be given to Mimi Erickson Photography when used on any and all social media sites

- Images will not be made available to another agent who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing.

- Unauthorized use of images is a copyright violation and will result in termination of this contract.


Copyright Notice:

- Mimi Erickson Photography is the copyright holder of the image. We retain all copyrights expressed and implied otherwise for all images taken.

- Copyright is not and will not be transferred to any other party.

- Licensing for commercial sessions is 3 years unless otherwise agreed upon. 


Homeowner policy:

Home sellers/buyers may request a copy of the photos from the photographer only.

- We will supply images to the homeowner online, fees and licenses will apply. 



Session requests:

To ensure the best results of the photo shoot please be sure the home is ready prior to the scheduled shoot time. We work on a set time schedule for every shoot. 

- It is the agent/property manager’s responsibility to ensure that the listing is ready for the session at the scheduled time.

- For liability reasons, Mimi Erickson Photography does not handle any cleaning, dusting, or moving of furniture.

- The homeowner shall ensure that there are no hazards to the photographer’s safety. Hazards include but are not limited to: structural instability, infestations, excessive building suppies/debris/garbage, any and all health risks (mold, fumes, construction dust)

- The photographer will work with agents and/homeowners with regard to additional people and pets onsite during the session. If pets, contractors, lawn services, children and other individuals will cause an issue with the scheduled session it may be better to reschedule.

- Generally we will be photographing through the entire home. We do not usually include utility rooms or closets, but if you would like those included, or any other unique features please let us know prior to the shoot.

- Amenities are not included on/in a property shoot, and fall under separate pricing and licensing. If you are requiring amenities to be photographed please select this as an add-on service when scheduling your appointment.


Cancellation/postponement Policy:

- It is the responsibility of the agent to inform us as soon as possible for rescheduling.

- A photo session that is rescheduled or canceled within 24 hours of the appointment time will incur a $100 fee.

- A photo session that is rescheduled within 2 hours of the appointment time will be charged in full. This also applies to homes that we arrive at and are unable to shoot.

- Reschedules will be subject to the photographer’s availability.


Weather Policy:

- There will be times services cannot be completed due to weather. In those circumstances, the decision about shooting is up to the agent. If the agent chooses to proceed with photography we will provide the best images we can and will be dependent on our ability to take our equipment outside. If additional outdoor photos are required on a better weather day, our standard re-shoot fee will apply.

- A rescheduling fee will not be charged in the event of bad weather. Appointment reschedule request must be received within 2 hours prior to appointment time.

- Reschedules will be subject to availability.


Payment Policy:

- Payments will be received prior to delivery of images.

- The photo release is not authorized until payment is received in full.

- Failure to pay for the images will result in a copyright infringement. You will be asked to remove the image from any electronic or printed form of advertisement. Failure to stop using them will result in legal action.